the natives are restless

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the adventure of a lifetime

I want to pack up my car and go. take my best friend, gather some gear and just take off. stopping where ever we want to camp, hike, kayak, live. I want to see the world’s beauty. the natural beauty, of the hills, mountains, trees and rivers. I want to vibe in perfect harmony with the forest, I want to be one with life. with all life, with all living beings. I want to meet people who challenge me to be the best version of my self I can possibly be. I want to be around people that I can learn from, and that can learn from me. I want to help any helpless animal that crosses my path, big, small, furry, or scaly. I want to experience every version and perspective of this lifetime that I can. I want more from my existence, more than living in one town my whole life, more than working a job I hate, more than being unhappy with myself. I want to love myself as who I am, I want to be the best person I can be, for myself. I want to be healthy. I want to eat healthy. I want to treasure and treat my body like the temple it is, and I want to love every inch of it as it loves and cares for me. I want to get away from disease, from processed foods, and abused animals, slaughtered for meat. I want to be whole.  

This is the life I want for myself, and this is the life I will manifest to be my existence.